Interior Renovation+Visualization Project
Living room/Office/Kids bedroom

Dining room/Back yard

​A complete package of rendering including 
Exterior/Interior/Landscape visualizations.

Interior Design+Realistic visualization Project
Living room/Kitchen/Bedroom

​A complete renovation project of
​​​​​​​front and back facades & yards

​​​Two Exterior & Landscape
​​​​​​​ Design+Visualizations Projects

Backyard Design, Adding sitting area + Redesigning the exterior of the building.

​​​Making some changes on the living area
and the kitchen, Redesigning+Visualizations

Full interior design+visualizations of a nice hill top villa in Paris-France.

Exterior & Landscape
​​​​​​​ Design+Visualizations Project

Some Other Recent Residential Projects
Locations: UK, Australia, Germany, UAE, Iran, Switzerland

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