GROW Women co-working office


Welcome to the renovated and redesigned interior of the Grow Coworking Women Office, a space dedicated to empowering women and fostering professional growth. My role as the Interior Designer and 3D Visualization Specialist was to reimagine the entire interior, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere using 3dsmax and V-Ray.
By collaborating closely with the organization, I transformed their vision into reality. Through careful consideration of every aspect, from layout to furniture selection, I crafted a comprehensive space where women can gather, collaborate, and thrive. The use of warm and friendly colors enhances the welcoming environment, promoting a sense of comfort and productivity.
Using my expertise in 3D modeling and rendering, I brought the redesigned space to life. Detailed 3D models and realistic renderings showcase the thoughtfulness and attention to detail that went into every element of the interior design. The result is an inspiring and functional space that aligns with the organization's mission of empowering women and promoting leadership in the workforce.
It was a privilege to work on this project, contributing to the growth and success of the Grow Coworking Women Office. Witness the transformation and envision the possibilities as you explore the virtual representation of the redesigned interior. Join us in celebrating women's empowerment and creating an environment where they can thrive, connect, and succeed.