​Mohammad Hossein Rostami
​​​​​​​ArchViz Artist

+98-939-264-8605​​​​​​​  |  Archrostami@yahoo.com

As an architectural design graduate and experienced 3D artist, I have had the privilege of working with numerous companies in person before transitioning to freelancing several years ago.
Throughout my freelancing journey, I have successfully collaborated with over 60 clients across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Now, I am eager to embark on a new chapter as a valued member of a professional, innovative, and fast-paced Archviz company.
​​​​​​​By joining such a team, I aim to not only expand my knowledge and skills but also contribute my expertise and learn from fellow professionals.
Moreover, I am seeking the stability and consistent income that comes with being part of a dynamic company.​​​​​​​

Education & Experience

​Bachelor of Architecture from AUI
Architectural Tools & Services Shop
Owner 2016-2018
Raoufi Architecture Company
Senior 3d artist 2018-2019
Full-time Freelancing

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D5 Render
Unreal Engine
Premier Pro



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Brooklyn, NY, USA

Franklin St Park concept

  Santa Monica, USA

19th street house
CARTC Project

Paris, France

bike shop & garage

Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE

Aseel landscaping

Mazandaran, Iran

Moshref Villa

Huntington, New York, USA

Razvi Villa

​Oakdale, New York, USA

biltmore Av. house


Vray study

Dubai, UAE

Mahmoud landscaping